East Coast I Go


A photo diary of East coast road trip

I travelled to Canada with my family and was in Toronto for three days. For the first two days, all we got was rain. We couldn't even see the top of the CN Tower, where we were supposed to have lunch at the top while looking out and see the city of Toronto from above. 
The rain stopped us from doing a lot of things, but it didn't stop the Canadians from celebrating pride day along with the Americans. The clothing on some of the people who 
went to the Pride Parade was quite revealing, and it made me wonder how they could survive in such cold weather.

Toronto reminds me of New York City but with a calmer atmosphere, fewer pedestrians and more scattered location of tall buildings. We were very lucky that the sun was finally out on the day we were leaving for Niagara Falls, so we made a quick stop at CN Tower and were able to actually see what was what through the glass. 

Niagara Falls was as exquisite as I remember from last year trip. But this time, we got to see the view from Canada side, which I think is much prettier than the US side because we could see the American Falls directly from the border. There was also an attraction to view Whirlpool Rapids at the White Water Walk Park. After the Falls, the water travels along Niagara River, where the pathway gets narrower and deeper creating a whirlpool. A speed of 109 km/h has been recorded.
Viewing the American Falls from the US side
Stopping at vineyard for some wine tasting

We stopped by at New Jersey for a couple of days and had a day trip to Philadelphia. While my brother went biking around the city, I preferred something indoor and found myself in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, currently having special exhibition on Impressionism Art. The structure of the museum itself was really interesting with the reminiscent of Greco Roman column facade in contrast with the modern interior displaying the world's well-known paintings like Van Gogh's Sunflower and Thomas Eakins' The Gross Clinic. It's always so nice to be able to see the master pieces I studied in during AP Art History class in real life and to actually be able to see the texture of each brush strokes rather than a flat surface of the textbook. 

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