Salmon Land: Norway Photo Diary 2


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Continuing the journey on a foggy day, the bus headed from Alesund to Geiranger, where we embarked on a boat to view the breathtaking scenery of the fjord. Waterfalls and mountains are parts of a very typical Norwegian scenery, and to get a closer to look to the nature, we went right up to the view point at Trollstigen. 

I felt like the photos I took didn't even do the justice to what I actually saw in real life because the depth and the height were deducted in the images. But well, I could I do, as they say it's different to actually go travel and to watch a road trip program on television. 

Looking down from the viewpoint on top of the mountain, we could see the road we took to get up, zigzagging like a pattern on a painting. The mountains stretched in front of the view point as far as one could see with glimpse of waterfalls. I wished though, that the weather would be more friendly to the tourists, who preferred a clear sky to look at the scenery without obstacles. But, I mean, who doesn't love a sunny day not matter what you're doing or where you're going. 
Another thing I love about Norway was its humble architecture. It was very common to see grass growing on the roof of cottages during the road trip. Apparently, the bus driver explained to us, letting grass grow on the roof was the cheapest way of building a roof because there was no need for bricks or woods to cover the structure, but rather, just let the nature helped itself to complete the structure.
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On the way to the hotel at Leon, we took a short stop at Nigardsbreen Road Toll, where snow that survived the summer meltage slowly became compact into glaciers. I was sleeping in the bus before my dad woke me up to see this view. No matter how sleepy I was at the time, my eyes just wouldn't let me fall back into drowsiness as soon as I sat up and saw this dream-like scenery. I felt like I was in Narnia, where the Snow Queen could appear on top of the mountain anytime. 
Finally, the day I'd been waiting since first day of this trip came. We were finally going to somewhere that's not deserted and somewhere I could actually do the shopping. Yes, I meant the capital city of Norway, that is Oslo. 

There were more foreigner tourists than I expected walking around the city centre. However, Oslo was still considered relatively small in population compared to cities I've been to.

I was really impressed by the existence of new and old architecture within Oslo city center.  The white modern structure here below is Oslo Opera House designed by Tarald Lundevall. The elevated view point outside of the opera house really invited me to go up to the top while enjoying the journey  to walk up there in no hurry because at which ever level, I could always stop and look around myself to appreciate the city of Oslo. 
In contrast to the modern part of the city, we also went to the Viking Museum where old viking ships were being displayed. Before the trip, I had learned about the Vikings in my AP Art History Class and was so excited to get to see the real thing. That was probably why I was quite disappointed to find out that this museum basically only had three ships and belongings found in these ships in displayed. I mean, I had nothing against the museum but it was just that I was hoping for just a little more to see. 
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