Summer Coolness


I apologize for the post name that doesn't seem to match current weather anywhere of the world since I was supposed to post this during the summer and obviously that didn't happen. I thought I might change the name into winter coolness, but then again, the sweat on my nose wouldn't serve the weather right because it was still so damn hot around August in Bangkok.

I've also realized how I always mention either weather or temperature in almost every blog post because it's the key that influences how I dress each day significantly. The place where each style is worn is also significant. Not in the million year that I'd be layering, oversize tee on top of turtle neck if it weren't for all I've seen in London. What I used to wear in Canada was just thick clothing like sweatpants and puffy coat...not very attractive. Back to point I was trying to make is that, I will try to stop myself from talking about the weather in the future just because there's only so much temperature going on in a year, and I've probably talk about them all already. 

And here we are, 2016 almost gone like the wind. So fast and so quick. I used to write down New Year's Resolution on a notebook that I never seem to open again for the rest of the year. I'd start a diary entry for the first few days after new year, and again, fail to keep the rhythm going. After years of setting goals and not really following them, I realize what's important is the present. It doesn't really matter what time of the year it is, what's important is whether I'm satisfying with the current self or not. If not, then improve. Time doesn't wait so I'd rather not wait for the new year to fail the goal again. 

My ultimate goal in New Year's Resolution would always include 'to lose weight', but don't get me wrong, I'm not insecure about my body or anything. It's just that I love to exercise and to eat good food at the same time, so I need to be careful of my weight. However, after years of living aboard, I find it hard to maintain the figure with different types of food and routine in different countries I've lived in. What I'm trying to say is, despite all the stereotype and all the fuss about the ideal female figure that's constantly adapting. What used to be skinny and tall is not so in anymore. The 'clean' food and the big booty is hitting the trend lately because of all the Kardashian ladies. Anyhow, I've set goal to myself to seriously never set the goal to lose weight ever again, but rather to (sometimes) eat healthy while doing what I love which is to not stay still; going to gym, running, cycling, dancing, etc. Whatever way of living that's enjoyable and is good for the mind and body is something that needs to be done and continue for the rest of the life and not just a yearly thing :)

I was wearing crop top from Toyshop, skirt from Zara, espadrille from Dolce & Gabbana, Boy Bag, watch from Tag Hueue

photo by Mint Tribumrungsuk

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