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Since I came back to Bangkok, I don't know if it's because of the extreme heat, but I've become very lazy lately. I haven't been updated with my blog or even just to go out and take pictures. Foundation year is over, so I'm going to use this summer break to share my past project rather than a new one (which I have none). 

This is a special project collaborating with an English designer, Phoebe English, who also graduated from the MA at Central Saint Martins. She kindly lent us a few statement pieces from her past collections for us to art direct, style, and create an advertisement-like poster as an outcome.

We chose the delicate black top from her MA graduation show (AW 11). We were immediately drawn to the unusual texture and contrast of the materials of rubber and hair.   Other groups in our class thought the same thing and decided to use this garment as a part of their project as well. It was very interesting to see the same top but incorporated differently on the models and resulted in such broad outcomes. 

Obviously seeing the images below, the concept behind my group's work is bling bling. There's a source for this inspiration though. We wanted to portray our Asian culture (the reflective surface of tiles in temples) but in an abstract way. The hardest thing during the process was probably the silver backdrop we actually had to make from cardboard boxes, wrapped with cooking foil. We also made a video starring our classmate, Isobel Guy as a second outcome. To be honest though, I knew nothing about fashion film. All I was thinking was just to film ranges of shots and combine them together randomly or even make it confusing as seen from some of the Showstudio examples. The film was probably not the best, but I was really proud of it because it was my first time using Adobe Premiere Pro. Living in front of laptop for two days trying to figure out what effects did what, was very stressful, but now that I've used the program, I hope I could challenge myself making more complex fashion film in the future.

Model: Izabela Anna
Art direction, photography, prob, and styling: Nutcha Panvichean and Emily Chan

Model: Isobel Guy
Art direction, filming, prob, and styling: Nutcha Panvichean and Emily Chan

Remix music track from Creative Commons:
Cube by Reier

Underwater Phantoms by Barbara Ellison
Will be war soon? Trokai

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