The Windows


Here's another throwback project I did for the course in Foundation degree at Central Saint Martins. My pathway was fashion communication, meaning that whatever brief I got from the tutors, I was expected to relate it to fashion context. As of this post, the theme of the project was based on architecture inspired from Constructing World exhibition at the Barbican at the beginning of the year.

Narrowing the focus from architecture in general to just windows, I went to Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street area to take photos of windows (mostly from offices). I didn't expect to be going around London so much just to get inspired for the next step of the project. However, I had a really good time, walking along the Thames River, looking for interesting windows. Despite the windy and cold winter in the UK, this project was a great excuse for me to actually get out of my room and do something more adventurous.

The most interesting thing during the photo trip was that I was told by several security officers that photos were not allowed in the area because of the private property issue. I found it frustrating, as there was no other way for me to do my project. So, depending on the situation, I would discretely take my camera out and hope that nobody noticed me for doing so. I would quickly do my job and walk away. I totally understand the 'privacy' thing; all the photos I took reveal some kind of activities inside the building, which I guessed count as invading the 'privacy', but oh well. It was for the educational purpose. What could I say.

Original lookbook in courtesy of Peter Pilotto Pre Spring 14

Initial photos from Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street area

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