Along the Coast Line


It was raining while my family and I were walking from the Birling Gap tourist centre towards the coast. I was afraid we wouldn't be able to see the stunning view like what I'd imagined after doing some research beforehand. Just like London, the weather here was unpredictable. One minute, it showered and quickly changed into a bright sunshine. The photos I took in just 20 minutes look so much different from each other.

We decided to take the walking route that didn't have access to the coast in front of the Seven Sisters cliff, as we alternatively chose to have a view from the top of another hill so that we could oversee the whole picture of Seaford. The scene was amazing and breathtaking. If I had a chance to come here again, I'd definitely try another route, as I've seen stunning photos of tourists posing beside the white stones, very surreal and very beautiful. 

It was a day trip from London to Eastbourne. The commuting part was a bit tiring considering sitting in the train for over an hour, then the bus, and the walking. The time we spent actually appreciating the scenery was probably less than an hour. I'd recommend you to spend a night at Brighton, which is also a big city comparing to London, and explore the city as well to save up some energy during your trip.

Location: Seaford, East Sussex, UK

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