Mr. Jean Paul


I knew so little about Jean Paul Gualtier whether as a person or as a brand but immediately fell in love with both of Jeans after a visit at the Grand Palais. The exhibition starts of with a little bit of Jean Paul's history. It was a shame that most of the description was in French. I was trying to eavesdrop on a group of French women, who had a guide tour, but my beginner French skills allowed me to understand nothing. Despite the language barrier, I thought that the exhibition was magnificent. 

On the second room, L' Odyssée, it took me half a minute to figure out if the figures in the exhibition were real people or not. There were projectors displaying faces on the mannequins making expressions or started speaking random French. Some were even singing. There was one mannequin showing the face of Jean Paul himself speaking. I thought they were so creepy but at the same time it was hard to turn my attention away because I was anticipating what would the faces do next.

Jean Paul not only did yearly collections (spring/summer, fall/winter, and couture) but also designing costumes for the iconic singers like Kylie Minogue and Madonna. Yes, the famous pointy boobs corset was his idea and so does many more of the iconic designs. 

The exhibition runs from now until August 3rd, 2015, and the tickets need to be bought online (here) in advance. I always think that sometimes cloth looks so much better when you see it in real life because you can never get enough details or what's the texture of the garment is like until you actually have it in front of your eyes and that deeply inside, you wish you'd own something like what you're seeing. So, I really encourage anyone to go and see it if you happen to be in Paris for the next few months!

L' Odyssée room and projected facial expressions

Kylie Minogue's tour outfit

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