Throwback to the project I did for foundation course at Central Saint Martins. The theme I chose was 'death', which is quite an abstract idea when put in fashion context. I also didn't want to just throw in black clothing on a model or just simply doing a photoshoot at a cemetery.  

During research phase, I came across an editorial in the old Numero issue. Perfume bottles were broken against a black reflective surface. Then it sparked me, the 'broken' state of any object could also be considered as 'dead' objects. I went forward with the idea of vanitas, which came from a still-life painting of a 17th-century Dutch genre containing symbols of death or change as a reminder of their inevitability. 

The photoshoot process was quite difficult. It involved lots of youtube tutorial and a lot of help from my brother. Each of us helped each other. Alternatively, one was holding a flashlight, and one was taking photographs, while the bottles were placed on a black fabric. The photos turned out better than I thought, but there's still room for improvement, perhaps in the future project.

Perfume Bottle: Bvlgari MAN & Dior Homme Sport
Photography: Nutcha and Song Panvichean
Art direction: Nutcha Panvichean

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