Against the Wall


It was not one of my plan today to explore east side of London. I had lunch with my friend, who also wanted to do something else other than eating. We just randomly went to Shoreditch, which is the area famous for its hipster atmosphere with Bricklane market and street graffiti all over the walls. We wanted to go to Columbia Road Flower Market, but unfortunately we went on the day it was closed. 

There were many street wear shops for us to browse around, but considering that we're from Thailand, the price here in London is sometimes shocking especially for clothing that could be bought so much cheaper from JJ market in Bangkok. So, we just walked around and took lots of photos!

Leather biker jacket: Ted Baker
Jeans: Gap
Sneaker Wedge: Nike
Camera (holding): Nikon f100
Bag: Chanel 

Location: Shoreditch
Photo by Sachi Ostuki

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