Color Me In


Spending an hour in the afternoon with my friends being fantasized by Serpentine Pavilion 2015 designed by Selgascano, was a lot of fun. Seeing a lot of photos from my Instagram feed on this particular location, I made myself a mental note of to-do list that I needed to come here and take picture here for the blog and for the eyes as well. 

My friend and I basically spent most of our time walking around posing for each other. It was quite embarrassed when you were trying to pose cooly and naturally for the camera, you looked like an idiot flipping your hair around by the eyes of other people. But anyhow, I eventually went to the state of 'I don't care anymore' and just got going. 

This pavilion is going to be up until October 18th. If you happen to live near Hyde Park or trying to find a place to visit or relax, I really recommend Serpentine Galleries. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the current exhibition by Jimmie Durham, which is inside the gallery itself. I just don't see myself relating to his way of communicating, but it would be a shame to miss the pavilion on a hopefully sunny day here in London. 

I was wearing: 
Gap T shirt, Uniqlo pants, Primark long coat, Loewe satchel

Photo of me by Ploy Tanisorn

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