A White Doodle


I don't think I'd ever gone to a gallery, where I didn't understand what the exhibition was about but ended up spending time in there more than I expected. Isn't it usual for one to skim through uninterested objects? As much as I like seeing famous paintings studied in art history class, but at the end of the day, I do get sick of them sometimes. I mean seeing Picasso for the first time was an omg experience, but what different does it make when you've seen different paintings by Picasso but in a same style every time.

For me, the experience at White Cube Gallery at Bermondsey was something new. White Cube's hallway reminded me of some scientific fantasy movie especially with the use of parallel white fluorescent from the huge glass entrance through the end of the gallery. 

In the South Galleries II, an exhibition by Cerith Wryn Evans was in display. There were four sculptures in display. By sculpture, I meant white neon lights in organic shapes suspended from the ceiling. The exhibition felt empty with the gallery's spacial architecture comparing to the size of these circuits scattered in the distance. However, I felt this strange intimacy between myself and the art pieces because everything else was so empty, therefore, I could focus on the unidentified forms of light. The abstract nature of this exhibition made me even more curious of what it was that the artist was trying to communicate, and also I was trying to create my own interpretation while walking around each sculpture.

Strangely enough, there were three plants in the pot scattered around the gallery as well. The pots were placed on the platforms that actually spin around very slowly. There was a juxtaposition between the organic objects (plants) and artificial organic forms (sculptures) which I found very intriguing as well as the artist's intention of movement by having the viewer doing the work by walking around the gallery in order to experience his work.

Besides Evans' work, in smaller galleries in White Cube, the work by Robert Irwin was being shown. His work was somewhat similar to Evans' but more minimal and perceptual. For this two columns of acrylic, he said, you don’t think about whether it’s art or not art. It’s just about what you’re seeing or not seeing.’ Well, yes. A lot of people may argue what art is and what it isn't. For what was being exhibited in the White Cube; to me, it was just about the experience and how I interacted with the objects being displayed. Personally,  if the visual was striking enough or was unusual than what I saw in everyday life, then yes, the artist had accomplished what he or she had to bring to the creative table especially in nowadays culture, where everything is available for our eyes in an intense digitally. It is a demanding task to stay unique and be interesting at the same time. 

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