White shirt from COS, blue vest knitted by my mom, kaki pants from Uniqlo, boots from Louis Vuitton, satchel from Calvin Klein

Despite the long queue in front of the Saatchi Gallery, Chanel Mademoiselle Prive exhibition didn't impress me like the Louis Vuitton exhibition at the Strand back in October. I'd say the overall experience was somewhat similar to the LV, but with more separated sections. There were also workshops like embroidery available for anybody who booked the seats in the Mademoiselle application in prior. Unfortunately, everything was booked out so quickly, I didn't have a chance to try them out. 

What was unique about this exhibition was its application for smartphone. A Mademoiselle application designed to create an interaction between the exhibited surrounding/object and the audience. I didn't get a change to screenshot my iPhone screen because I was overly excited about the feature of this application. Basically, it required a wifi for location service to mark where we were at the exact location of the gallery so that the app could display a certain screen to us. For example, I saw Coco Chanel through the opening door in my screen instead of just a painting of  door in the below photo.

I'd say the overall experience was so-so, there was nothing I learned more from the brand except from the joy of getting freebies of a tote bag and an exhibition poster home. The part I enjoyed the most was probably the couture section, where patches from different couture collections were put into frames allowing the audience to see the amount of work behind each of the garment. It made me think that perhaps fashion is art too, somehow.  Nevertheless, having to wait in the winter cold was not something I wish to do again in the future. 

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