Boxes of Things


Or rather I’d say, trunks of things. Prior to what we call them as luggage today. You would certainly find yourself in a space where literally everything could fit in a trunk. By everything, I also mean a personalized skate trunk for Kim Yuna as well as trunk that could be transformed into a desk.

At the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul,  “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez - Louis Vuitton”, I found myself going through the journey of Louis Vuitton himself from 1854 following by Georges and Gaston-Louis, his son and grandson, who took on the legacy and invented the famous monogram canvas that has lasted until today.

Rather than exploring the experiential space like its series3 exhibition in London back in 2015, this exhibition is curated more like a proper old fashioned exhibition with more emphasis on the objects. I was surprised to see so many different kind of trunks in one room, as each trunk would function differently depending on the traveler, who had ordered the company with different needs. The shape, material, size as well as how it was constructed are distinct for each trunk depending on types of objects that were meant to be kept in it. For example, there were trunks with separated drawers to keep shoes or hats and library ones that opened sideways and were separated into sections like a book self. 

What I like about this exhibition is that it really tells the brand history from the first to the last room by incorporating archives since 1800s until with Marc Jacobs' and Nicolas Ghesquière's collections along with special collaborations with Takashi Murakashi or even the most recent one with Supreme. Since this exhibition is held in Seoul, at the end of the gallery, the brand has made a special collaboration with KakaoTalk, which is a Korean messenger application. The mascots of the app, Kakao Friends, are made into fabric patch and leather name tag. They were quite pricey for a DIY patch, but all visitors were given out a card where you can download free stickers (Kakao Friend x Louis Vuitton), which you can say is like a big emoji that animates. The stickers are available to use within the app for 30 days. I personally don't use this app often, but I'm not going to lie that they're quite cute and is a way to showoff to your friends LV emoji that you could only get by going to the exhibition.

See the exhibition in more details in the vlog below!

The exhibition runs from today until 27th August 2017, and it might also be a good idea to book your free entry ticket in advance from here than to wait in a long line up front.

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