Now that the world is going digital, everything moves. Everything is HD. In a very rare encounter, Blackberry might be seen among the crowd in the tube, but never were the Nokia or the flip phones. Living in a society where we see the impossible all the time, we urge to go back in time, bringing back the analogue way of seeing to juxtapose how we live our lives everyday. 

One of which is film camera. I think I’ve mentioned this in previous posts about getting to see the photos immediately after the shots were taken on DSLR verses building up the thrill while waiting for the film rolls to be processed and bringing forgotten memory back. When I used Iiford ISO 400 for the first time in Paris, I realized how high exposed film gave a lot of grainy texture to the photo. With all the high definition screen nowadays, I find it difficult to be comfortable with highly textured images. Having one roll of Ilford left, I thought I could capture the nostalgia feel to the modern London architecture specifically of the Tate Modern new building that was on my to-visit lists.

I've been fascinated by London since the first time I visited in 2013. The forever growing city like London is a perfect example of the blending between the old and the new. Amongst the skyrockets spreading throughout the panoramic view, historical landmark like Big Ben and Tower Bridge standing iconically along with Norman Fosters’ buildings. The glimpse of Greco Roman architecture with the organic shape architecture, merging history with present, is what London is all about.

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